This programme is designed for athletes who have already begun their journey but require some additional support and advice. Some athletes prefer to take ownership of their entire journey to the U.S but need assistance in areas they have limited knowledge or skills. This programme allows athletes to ‘round out’ their journey for a successful placement and transition to the US.



The advanced package is the complete package designed for athletes looking for placement in a US university. It covers the core components necessary for a successful journey to the US including athlete preparation before departure,  administrative, athletic and academic requirements. Striv3 gives the athlete the skills and tools to own their journey with ongoing support before and during the transition and placement. The package is designed to cover off every eventuality to make the journey a seamless experience. 


Striv3 would strongly recommend all athletes undertake the advanced package as a minimum.


The gold elite package is Striv3’s supreme package. Offering everything in the Advanced package with additional features such as SAT tutoring, small group coaching sessions, pre-entry planning, post placement coaching for alternative career streams and assistance with transitioning back to New Zealand at the end of the placement. This will include assistance with understanding the athlete’s career choices outside of sport, preparation of CV and positioning in the New Zealand employment market, interviewing techniques and appropriate channels to getting suitable employment in New Zealand. 



The Composite Package is designed for athletes who wish to choose component parts of the ‘Basic’, ‘Advanced’ and ‘Gold Elite’ packages in creating something unique to the athlete’s personal situation. Striv3 will assist the athlete in the design of this package through one-on-one consultation.